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Hamilton, Bermuda

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Behind The Scenes

Entertainment Workshop

Welcome to Behind the Scenes - Get a hands on experience of what it takes to put on a great performance. Play in a band, learn stage lighting and much more in this extensive 2 week workshop with The Simons Brothers Band.


How to setup for a performance. Learn how to play in a band. 

Enhance your musical skills. Learn the key elements of music.  

Learn songs for the live concert. Film a music video

Workshop Breakdown

Week 1: Lighting and Sound

What you will learn:

- Lighting Fixtures
- Stage Lighting angles and positions
- Color combination and balancing
- Lights & amp; Music relationship.
- Mounting the Fixtures
- Light placement on stage
- Lighting Software

- Discover what it takes to be a professional DJ
- Create a lightshow at the end of the week

Week 2: Music Video and Stage Performance

What you will learn:

- Mixing sounds on a mixing board
- Learn about different mics and where they are used.
- Wiring a stage’s sound
- The different positions and types of speakers
- Sound balancing
- Stage Presence

- Create and be part of putting together your own music video
- End of workshop Concert

Workshop Info and requirements

There are three 2 week workshops throughout the summer. Every day the classes will run from 9am untill 3pm.


Participent reqirements:

 - Must be between the ages of 11 and 17

 - Must have at least 2 years of steady musical experience

 - Must submit a 2 minute video audition in the registration form 

Spaces are Limited.