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meet the brothers

Introducing Jonathan, Solomon and Leonardo; “The Simons Brothers Band”, a family of performing musicians for more than 10 years, originally from the Island of Bermuda. With a strong influence of Caribbean, US and European music, the band draws from that diversity. Currently residing in Panama mixing the Latin culture with their own style to create timeless music, a mix and fusion of soca, latin, pop, old school, reggae, "Rhythm and blues", "music that sparkles". Please join our family of fans on our journey in music and song. Welcome... and enjoy the show! 


In 2018 after consultation with past music industry professionals, the band and family decide to travel to a different country to expand and grow their knowledge of the music industry, performance and musicianship skills as well as fan base. Coming from Bermuda, where our largest city can be compared to a small town in some of the most popular travel destinations. Our experience living in Panama city was quite eye opening, lots of people everywhere, cars and traffic all day and night. The sound of music in the air, horns honking, jack hammers digging away. In our search for new styles and music flavors to add to our skill set, Latin America and in particular Panama City. Our first destination on what is expected to be the beginnings of many years of learning, experience and growth. Why Panama, we keep hearing from fans and family. With a rich heritage made up of European, African, North American and Indigenous influences, a growing jazz scene, as well as reggae, salsa, rock and other musical genres.

Panama the birth place of "Raggaeton", Ruben Blades and Danilo "Cholo" Perez is a musical melting-pot. Pryor to the pandemic, festivals of music, dance and celebration where common events; sometimes lasting for days. From restaurant to nightclubs to marching bands celebrating Panama independence. Panama looked like a perfect place to start the journey. We are an independent, performance and studio recording band, an all in-house arrangement, production, mixing and mastering company. In the next series of songs we release, you will experience our journey as we learn and grow. During this chapter of our journey we will bring to you, our fans, a blend of Latin American music flavors. Thank you for joining us on this journey we call Flavors, and stay tuned.   

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